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These electronic books were created as short informational resources for companies to disseminate information to their employees or to other companies.

Incentivizing Behavior: Starting an Effective Incentives & Recognition Program

This eBook was created for One10 Marketing while I was working as a contractor for Spear Marketing. It is a guide for companies to follow the proper protocols of incentivizing and recognizing their employees good work. Their X was a key design element I used throughout. I used a combination of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign.

horizontal ebook-one10-incentivizing behavior.png
 ERP VS. IMS:  How to find a solution for your unique pain points

This eBook was created with Spear Marketing as an indepth look at ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) versus IMS (Inventory Management System) on behalf of Finale Inventory. Finale is a multichannel inventory management solution for high-volume ecommerce businesses and warehouse management. They have an integration with Intuit QuickBooks, who was a collaborator on this eBook. The branding chosen was reflecting the modular idea of inventory management. Each photo was edited in Illustrator using masks and overlays. 

horizontal ebook-INQB-cover.png
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