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Logo and branding design projects

Crafting captivating logos is our passion, and we understand the essence of a visual identity. Whether you're launching a startup, rebranding, or seeking a fresh look, Ashlee Designs is your creative partner. We will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that your logo not only reflects your brand's values but also leaves a lasting impression.

Nickle Lending

Sean Nickle is a local Colorado Springs mortgage lender who seeks to help people that most large banks turn away. He is personable, and always available, coming to his clients with solutions. Sean wanted a logo that spoke to the unique out of the box clients he helps. The L and N in the logo mark are reflected in the name and create an energetic pattern when broken out

Nickle Lending logo mockup.png
Bioinformatics + Computational Biology

This logo was created at my time in Tidy Projects, graphic design group in Saint Louis for a local organization, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. This masters program at Saint Louis University focuses on "Big Data" and students in their program use state-of-the-art computational approaches and computing systems to analyze genome, transcriptome and proteome data sets. This logo was inspired by how elements form compounds and this honeycomb structure is also the backbone of their branding that we created.

bcb logo mockup.png
cibo di casa

Spec Project, logo and menu design for an Italian Restaurant, with homemade Italian food. "Cibo" in Italian means food, "di" meaning from, and "casa" is home, translating to food from home, to connote the feeling of a food coming from an Italian home kitchen. The logo is inspired from the shape wine bottles make as they are stacked.

Cibo di Casa_kothenbeutel.jpg
St. Louis Literary Award

This logo design was created during my time at Tidy Projects. The Saint Louis Literary Award was given out annually by the Saint Louis Library Associates. We created a logo inspired by an old pen nib combined with the Saint Louis Arch, an iconic symbol of the city.

Saint louis literary award hat mockup.png
Mountain Garden

This logo redesign was created as a spec project for a garden store in Denver Colorado. Branding guidelines, logo and logo animation were also created.

mountain garden storefront_edited.jpg
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