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I've always loved making art as a sort of cathartic practice ever since I was little.  I am an artist who focuses on emotional expression through colors, brushstrokes and dynamic portrayal of movement, as well as metaphors. Shadows in general are of interest to me; I especially enjoy their complexity, irregularity, and ghostly appearance. Shadows create another level of intrigue to the art piece and can make a stationary object more captivating.


I enjoy the challenge of creating and discovering unique ways to display

a message.


While I am more well versed in illustrations by hand, I am learning to create illustrations using programs like Adobe Illustrator. Through this, I am honing my artistic skills and can make a wide variety of products, including logos, signs, booklets, and a few personal pieces. Graphic Design has also influenced my paintings and hand-illustrated drawings compositionally.


It has taught me the value of breaking

down ideas in order to get to the core.

Please contact for questions or commission inquiries.

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